Thousands of men and women have passed away without anyone being able to identify them. They are known now only as John and Jane Doe in the national cold case database of unidentified persons. 

Some died of natural causes, others met their end as a victim at someone else's hand. They may have been homeless or transient. They may have been the loved ones who dropped out of contact, the family members who became estranged, or the independent travelers who never checked in.

I am passionate about getting cold cases of missing persons entered into the system so families can know for sure whether their lost loved one is one of The Unidentified. I advocate on behalf of families who have never had their relative's disappearance entered into the National Missing Person Database and who may not even be sure a missing person report was ever originally filed.


Each picture featured on this site represents a clue to someone's identity. All cases are sourced from NAMUS, the National Missing and Unidentified Persons System, and all case inquiries will be directed to the case manager on file. Please share the cases that speak to your heart. You never know how powerful the influence of their picture may end up being.

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NETWORK is honored to be listed as one of The Doe Network's Recommended Resources.



Learn about several key NY/NJ cases in this informative podcast interview with Rebekah Turner, hosted by Emmy winning journalist Dan Bowens.


Read how was designed to be a unique visual case database in my guest post on Alice de Sturler's highly respected cold case website.

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Case information is sourced from NAMUS.

Additional Case Information is sourced from The Doe Network.

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