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Create New Resources for Those Who Need Them Most

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When you gve monthly you join The Compassion



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match $ with impact in the field

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ew Monthly Donor Welcome Series – Create an automated email Welcome Series that kicks off by acknowledging the donor’s new donation commitment. Then, move into sharing stories of programmatic impact. Be sure to translate how monthly gifts sustain or make these programmatic gains possible.

  1. Send VIP Announcements or Invites

If your organization has an announcement to make or is about to open event registration, inform monthly donors a day early. Make sure monthly donors know they’re getting this special treat because of their sustained commitment to your mission.

  1. Create Unique Content

Create special emails or direct mail just for monthly donors. This could include features of monthly donors or special program stories.

  1. Build Impact Email Series

Create an automated email series that is hyper-focused on telling stories and demonstrating programmatic impact to monthly donors. Move monthly donors into this series after they complete the New Monthly Donor Welcome Series.

give life-changing resources to families of missing persons 

solve cold cases and create systemic change in the way we search for missing persons

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When you gve monthly you join The Compassion

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