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Families of missing persons who are homeless are often unable to open investigations because of mandatory requirements for a missing person to have a last known address. 

Families of missing persons who have drug addictions often prefer to publicly withhold such sensitive information. This project gives them a way to confidentially search for all cases with needle marks and drug use scars so they can turn this insight into a useful clue to help with their search.

This project gives frustrated and helpless families a way to search for an answer.


Families with disappearances which are now decades old have already tried everything possible to search for their missing loved one. They are frustrated at their lack of options and need new hope.

Categorized Data coupled with a manual verification process makes it possible to find cases which have rarely been seen in national database search results due to errors in relying on an exact keyword match. 

This project includes every case from all 12 cities, no matter how cold that case is. This project will revive interest in researching cold cases and give these families a chance to find an answer. This is a great tool for anyone who is looking for new ideas to approach a cold case.

By studying each city's data so extensively, we become experts in how case data is input. We are able to advise users on how to get better results in the national database by utilizing the key tips we discovered during the data collection process.

We are also able to make recommendations for categories to search based on the data we analyze. We want our knowledge base to include a pre-built A.I. which can use our categorical data to help users improve their search efficiency or make recommendations.

And no need to fill out a complicated search form or worry about having an exact keyword match. Our project eliminates any problems with medical jargon, technical terminology, or local slang. 


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