For many years we have wondered if this unidentified woman might have been Andrea Hall, a victim of the notoriously heinous duo Lawrence Bittaker and Roy Norris. Known as the Toolbox Murderers, the two men brutally beat and murdered several woman in the California area beginning in 1979. The serial killers confessed to picking Andrea Hall up as a hitchhiker and disposing of her body over a cliff. Bittaker and Norris were convicted for Hall's murder, as well as several other young women.

This unidentified woman was murdered by ligature strangulation. She was discovered in March 1980, but may have been deceased since 1979. She was located near the Pacific Coast Highway on Topanga Canyon Boulevard in Los Angeles County. The original police bulletin poster of this unidentified woman included an image of her thumb to be used for identification purposes. This has since been removed.

Until this week, only one missing woman had been officially ruled out as this unidentified woman. On September 4, 2018, a second woman was added to this list: Andrea Joy Hall.

Andrea Hall's body has yet to be found.

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