FOUR 1986 CASES ADDED: JUNE 25, 2018

CASE 13006

A 35-50 year old white male was killed sometime between 1976-1986 by a single gunshot wound to the head. His skull was discovered near Bloomer Mountain and Encina Grande in Berry Creek, California. He stood an estimated 5'8" tall and was most likely right-handed. He may have suffered from back pain on his right side.

View his Forensic Reconstruction [CASE 13006]

This 40-60 year old white female was killed by a car when she walked into the road (Stockton Boulevard near Sheldon Road in Sacramento, CA). She was carrying a plastic box with decorative spaceships. She appeared to be ill and very thin. She wore size 8.5 brown loafers and Garfield the Cat underwear. Her face was very tanned with lighter pigmentation on her forehead. She was 5'7".

View her Postmortem Sketch [CASE 12981]

He was a 30-45 year old black male with an estimated height of 5'2" who died on Christmas Eve 1986 after being struck by a car as a pedestrian on the Palmetto Expressway (.3 miles south of NW 122nd St.)

View his Composite Image [CASE 6508]

A skull and bones were recovered at the 60 mile marker of Alligator Alley in Broward, Florida on November 18, 1986. She was 46-60 years old and five feet tall. She was found with a metal band ring with a design.

View her Postmortem Sketch or View her ring [CASE 1221]

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