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Official NAMUS Case Notes:

This woman was 35-45 years old and was estimated around 5'2". Her skeletal remains were found on December 30, 1982, in an orange grove on Hwy 92 in Seffner, Florida (view map below). Her estimated year of death is unlisted. A pair of jeans and underwear were located near her body. Only one missing person has been compared and officially excluded as being as this woman.

View a map of where she was found [CASE 212]

Additional Notes from The Doe Network

Her estimated range of height may be between 5'2"-5'4" and her age may be extended in the upper range to 50. She had an old fracture of the left cheek and surgical wire under her right eye. Her dentals are available and she had a full set of upper dentures. Tooth #31 (a lower central incisor) showed healing from a recent extraction. There was evidence she may have suffered from several abscesses in the upper left quadrant. Her fingerprints are not available but she may have DNA available for testing. Several additional sketches and reconstructions are available to view at this external link.

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