Identified: Marta Haydee Rodriguez

In 1991, an unidentified woman was discovered. The most remarkable thing about this woman, the thing that even the FBI hoped would help bring the solution to her case, was that she had nearly perfect teeth.

27 years later, she has been identified as Marta Haydee Rodriguez-- a woman who went missing back in 1981 from Arlington, Virginia. Marta's estranged husband, Jose Rodriguez-Cruz, pleaded guilty last year to the 2009 murder of Pamela Butler, his girlfriend at the time. Pamela Butler's body has not yet been found. As part of his plea deal, Rodriguez-Cruz has been helping authorities locate Butler's body but the efforts have since proved inconclusive due to a resurfacing and paving of the interstate near that area...which coincidentally happens to be about one mile away from where the body of Marta Haydee was discovered in 1991.

According to the Washington Post, "a newly discovered witness told detectives that 22 years ago he had found a letter Rodriguez-Cruz wrote, saying he was “responsible” for his wife’s disappearance. The witness told police that he returned the letter to Rodriguez-Cruz and did not see it again. The witness also said that he once watched Rodriguez-Cruz hold a gun to another woman’s head as she begged for her life."

Marta Haydee Rodriguez's identity was confirmed through familial DNA testing. Her identification solves both an unidentified person case and a missing person case. Unidentified persons often correlate with missing persons, but sometimes we don't even realize that someone has gone missing. We assume they walked out of our lives on purpose or have chosen to be estranged. If someone in your life has vanished without a trace between the years 1960-2000, please check for any images which may be shockingly familiar.

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