Updated: Jul 10, 2018

This woman was the victim of a pedestrian/motor vehicle accident near Beau Bridge, Louisiana. She stood exactly 5 feet tall and was 25-35 years old. She may have had a C-section scar.

View her Postmortem Sketch [CASE 5819]

A 16-25 year old white male body was fished out of a creek in Fayette County, Ohio. He was measured at 5'5" and weighed 130 pounds. His death may have been the result of a fight. He had light brown curly hair and green eyes and he had two vertical scars on his lower left abdomen. The scars did not appear to be surgical.

View his Postmortem Sketch [CASE 4789]

A 1904 St Gauden's gold coin that had been made into a ring was found with the body of this 13-19 year old white female in Iola, Texas. She may have died between 1976-1981. She was right handed and had red/auburn hair.

View her Postmortem Sketch or her gold coin ring [CASE 4611]

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