CASE 10528

A 19-25 year old white male body wearing female clothing was stabbed, strangled and beaten to death on November 26, 1983. He had hazel eyes and was discovered in Princeton Harbor, California. He had several items of jewelry with him when he was found.

View his Forensic Reconstruction or his Postmortem Sketch or the Items Found with Him [CASE 10528]

A partially clad 30-37 year old white female died on December 6, 1983. She was found in a ditch by what is now known as Interstate 86 in the town of Ellery, New York. She was carrying a handwritten note from the Blue Boy Motor Lodge in Vancouver, British Columbia, and is presumed to be from Canada or a European country. She had a wart over her left eye, a large mole behind her left ear and a scar on her throat.

View her Postmortem Sketch [CASE 15489]

A bearded man was found floating in a canal behind Waterside Circle in Lake Park, Florida. He was a 25-35 year old white male.

View his Postmortem Sketch [CASE 812]

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