CASE 1997

A 37-47 year old black male was found in a chimney at a Baptist Church in Cleveland, Ohio. A furnace installer had hooked up duct work to the chimney but it was blocked. It was then that he found the human remains, which appeared to have died violently.

He had been carrying a Kool cigarette pack, a green lighter, and electrical tape. He was wearing a do rag, a black glove, a black hat, and was carrying 4 pairs of socks in his pockets.

View his Postmortem Sketch [CASE 1997]

A truck driver found this man wrapped in a blanket off the shoulder of the highway in Dallas, Texas. It was January, 1999 and the man had no scars or tattoos. He was 50-60 years old.

View his Postmortem Sketch [CASE 13591]

This man jumped from the Baltimore Harbor on January 8, 1999. He was a 30-40 year old black male.

View his Composite Image [CASE 2741]

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