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This website is a visual index of forensic images which will hopefully be used as both a unique awareness tool as well as for identification purposes.

“ I was appalled to discover there are tens of thousands other people just like him in the National Unidentified Persons database...”

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About the Cold Cases We Choose

Currently this website focuses on cold cases from 1930-1990, but those parameters may be increased at a future point in time. All cases are taken directly from NAMUS, the North American Missing and Unidentified Persons database created by the NIJ (National Institute of Justice).

All images are property of NAMUS and the NIJ. We are not investigators and we have no other case information beyond what is displayed on the NAMUS website. All links will open in a new tab.

We do our best to not display postmortem images on this website but many images are depictions of how the deceased may have looked in life and many images may be considered graphic. Please browse carefully and be aware that external links may indeed include postmortem photography.

We hope you will find this website visually compelling and a useful identification tool to help bring closure to the families and loved ones of those who have gone too long without a name.

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Case information is sourced from NAMUS.

Additional Case Information is sourced from The Doe Network.

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