• NAMUS CASE 15453

    This case was modified in NAMUS on 03/29/2019 and 9/28/18.

    Previously it had been modified in NAMUS on 9/26/18 and 9/7/18.





    AGE: 28-45


    HEIGHT: 6'1", estimated



    EYES: N/A


    A child found a barrel near his home and was going to use it to burn trash. He rolled the barrel from one vacant lot to another and when he lifted the lid to dispose of trash, found the decedent. The child reported it to his stepfather who called police.

    Recent anthropological evaluation of the skull indicates that he might have had bulging eyes due to the skull sutures closing prematurely and intercranial pressure increasing.


    His nose would have been small and upturned.

    He had a tattoo "Sally" on medial aspect (inside) of left forearm



    -Clothing partially dissolved by the fluid - Clothing was washed and air-dried due to caustic fluid prior to examination for defects: Jacket - Tan corduroy, quilted lining with matted fiber inner lining, front zipper closure, "Cal Craft Sportswear" on black label with gold stitching at back of neck; Grey colored, herringbone patterened cotton twill work shirt, label at back of neck is not discernible; Yellow-grey appearing T-shirt with short sleeves; Grey colored trouser fragments (2 major portions)

    -Brown combat boot type show present on right foot and extends above the level of the ankle. This boot measured 13" from the back of the heel to the tip of the toe.

    -Wristwatch - "Wallham" trademark with a gray metal stretchband recoverd from left wrist. Gray metal ring with blue stone recovered from left 4th finger.


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