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  • NAMUS CASE 7632

    YEAR OF DEATH: 1977



    AGE: 20-30


    HEIGHT: 6'0", estimated

    WEIGHT: 155, estimated



    The hair is short and cut in a military style. A moderate amount of hair is present on the chest.

    There is a an old scar on the dorsum (backside) of the right hand over the first metacarpal (thumb). There is a small scar on the upper, outer edge of the left patella (knee).

    Stable isotope analysis was performed by the Smithsonian Museum Conservation Institute in 2017. The analysis suggested the following broad regions of origin: Maine, Michigan, Minnesota, New Hampshire, New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Washington, Wisconsin, Vermont, southern Ontario, southern Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and southern British Columbia. There is also a slight possibility for region of origin in Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Ohio, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nevada, Utah or Wyoming The analysis suggested that he likely spent significant time in the Great Lakes, New England, or Pacific Northwest regions during adolescence and shows a lifetime average region of origin in the same area, possibly slightly more northern. ** Please note that the analysis was limited to interpretations based on isotope values in North America.

    The individual had a temporary filling in tooth #24

    Accessories: Cigarette lighter with engraved inscription, “To John Love Lauri;” Waltham brand wristwatch; 3 sets of keys; LUMS pen; notebook; wallet containing some cash; and several bags of women’s clothing.

    Clothing: Blue, white and grey long-sleeved shirt; black and white herringbone/wishbone patterned coat with a black fur collar; and grey and white checkered pants (with label name "Gaedes" from Wheaton, Illinois). Brown shoes with black socks.

    [12 missing person exclusions]

    Forensic art by NCMEC and Carl Koppelman