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Audrey Lee Cook

Memphis native Audrey Lee Cook was identified in April 2019 as a "Texas Killing Field" homicide victim from 1986.

David Cunningham

David Michael Cunningham disappeared from Mariette, Georgia, in 1984. His remains were found in Birmingham, AL, four months later. He was identified in 2018 through DNA.

Tina Farmer

Tina Marie Mckenney Farmer's identification was resolved through many efforts, including a resurgence of interest in her case through popular blogs and podcast episodes featuring stories on the infamous Redhead Murders. The Tennessee Bureau of Identification released news in September 2018 of a positive match through fingerprint analysis.

Espy Black Pilgrim

An unidentified body which had been found under mysterious circumstances in Kentucky in 1985 has been identified as Espy Regina Black-Pilgrim. In October 2018, her identity was confirmed through a DNA sample provided by her children.

Andrew Greer

The identity of Andrew Greer as a John Doe discovered in Georgia in 1979 was confirmed through DNA results in August 2018.

Gloria Rieken

Gloria Rieken was a University of Minnesota student when she disappeared in 1970. She was identified in 2019 through DNA as a woman who was found unidentified in an abandoned, burned home in 1970. Her death remains under investigation.

"Lyle Stevik"

This case was solved through coordinated efforts of the DNA Doe Project. Identification information will be withheld at this time out of respect for the family's privacy.

Michael Rogers

Michael Rogers remained unidentified for three years, in part due to an anthropological examination error. Michael was listed as an unidentified Asian male. A determined investigator helped bring the case to a close through tattoo identification and dental records.

Marta Haydee Rodriguez

Familial DNA confirmed Marta's identity in June 2018. Her ex-husband has been formally charged with this murder.

Linda Pagano

DNA testing this year confirmed Linda Pagano's identity as a homicide victim discovered in1974. Her death is being actively investigated.

Marcia King

Marcia King was identified in April 2018 as one of the DNA Doe Project's first successful identifications via use of advanced genealogy database DNA tools. King had been wearing a fringed jacket at the time of her discovery, giving her the nickname "Buckskin Girl" for decades before her name was officially released.

Andrea Kuiper

Patrice Corley
"Licking County Jane Doe"
Kim Mills
"Pemiscot County Jane Doe"

Jimmy Reymer

Jimmy Haakenson

Joseph Mulvaney
"Gabby's Bones"
Jimmy Hendricks
"Pemiscot County
John Doe"
Joe Pace
"San Bernardino County
John Doe"

Espy Regina Black Pilgrim
"Redhead Murders"
Linda Pagano
David Cunningham
Marta Haydee Rodriguez